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The life we lead isn't linear. As we grow, our experiences can widen or narrow the road we travel. It sometimes seems inevitable that we end up doing what we do, and doing what we love - sometimes! "Callings", "passions", whatever you call them, for those lucky enough to find them, are constantly evolving. Even your one passion now evolves as you dig deeper into it, learning more about it, and yourself and how your life and your passion revolve around each other.

We're not tied to a specific or singular orbit. We are weird complex creatures and capable of so much. I'm not talking about hobbies in this case. Passion and hobbies differ in that the level of sacrifice and dedication is paramount in your involvement. Hobbies are what you do when you're taking a break from your passion.

Our heroes are passionate people. They are lucky people, if not at least sometimes, a lot of times. Luck comes in levels, just as un-luck does, and a lot of my heroes have had their fare share of both. But one thing's for sure: Our heroes are not those who took their passion in life for granted. Here are a few interesting individuals who I admire not only for what they are famous for, but their multiple passions in life.


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