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Josh in College

I went to college not entirely sure of what I wanted, but being the first member of my family to ever go, I knew at the time that I needed to take it seriously. That, however, did not stop me from failing two classes my freshman year. Looking back on my time, efforts and money spent, I get pretty mad at myself for some of the decisions I made along the way, but am proud for following through and getting that degree. I don't regret any of the bumps and detours along the way; college is riddled with them. My character, for better or worse was significantly formed during those years I'm sure, thanks to some of the incredible people I met on a daily basis. The things I look back on most fondly during my college experience are my eagerness to learn things I never knew, being inspired by all the students and teachers who were so much better and smarter than me and trying to surround myself with them, trying my hardest at things I wanted to be good at, discovering weaknesses in myself I was unaware of, diving into specific studies, finding inspiration and learning how to create from inspiration.

I meet a lot of people, especially college graduates, who often tell me about their college experience and anxiety of getting a good job afterward. I also have some students who are juniors and seniors in high school who say the same thing. I try and share my experiences with them and talk about how important I've found it to constantly hone my skills and pursue the things I want, all the while keeping social character, self-expression, positivity and humility in mind. All else should follow.

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